The time to have a space to talk about the most important, but undervalued change in a woman's life IS LONG OVERDUE.   My journey through peri-menopause and into menopause lasted about 10 years ~ and continues to evolve.  I understand what you’re feeling, appreciate your struggles, and have put together what I’ve learned from my experience to make your journey easier. As your MidLife Midwife, I can help.   I’ve created this eight-week women's circle, which comes around ONLY ONCE A YEAR, where you’ll...

...figure out who you are now and who you want to become.  Join me and take the first steps to creating the body and being that you envision.  I'm confident the best is yet to come!

  • Find Calm

    Free yourself from feeling anxiety, isolation, and alienation by connecting with other women who have gone through or are going through menopause or are wondering what to expect.

  • Get Clear

    Clear up confusion with up-to-date information conveniently located in one place – no more searching and sifting on your own. Ideas and resources will be shared in this caring circle.

  • Stay Focused

    Lose the foggy-brained, bobble-headed feeling and get focused on your intentions and clear on your goals. Masterfully move through your day with more clarity and confidence.

  • Cool Off

    Find relief from hot flashes, night sweats, and other physical discomforts so you can function with more ease and peace. And yes, we'll talk about what's going on with sex and what can help!

  • Gain Energy

    Feel energized and get over exhaustion by giving yourself permission to rest and learning how to relax deeply. Because who feels sexy when completely depleted? We'll get those juices flowing!

  • Be Seen

    And best of all, be seen and heard as the Vibrant Woman you are when you shed your invisibility cloak once and for all. Together, we'll create a new legacy of celebration around the most significant time of midlife - menopause.

This circle sister says...

“I think I found you at just the right time ~ discovering a fabulous group of women to go on this journey with and supporting each other through the nitty gritty!”

Returning Inspired Menopause Sister

Tammy Jo Turcotte

In this 8-week women's circle, you'll learn:

This is so Inspired!

  • Deep Rest - the #1 thing that can help you survive peri-menopause (whether it's 2 or 10 years - or more!)

  • The 4 Keys to Creating an Inspired Menopause and the tools to make it happen

  • The 11 Essential Restorative Practices for a more easeful, joyful and Inspired Menopause

  • Emotional Mastery through the Feel, Rest, & Digest Practice

  • Space and tools to heal your relationship with your period and menstrual life cycle

  • What a Feminine Comfort Kit is and how to create one

  • Plus, so much more!

This circle sister says...

“Yay!!! I'm so happy to be taking this class again! I thought I would know what is happening during peri-menopause, and I was surprised how much more I learned!”

Returning Inspired Menopause Sister

Kristie Gonzales

Inspired Menopause is for ALL women who are curious about "the change" whether you are. . .

  • Post-Menopausal

    Menopause becomes official after going 12 consecutive months without bleeding or having a period. For many post-menopausal women this signals the end ~ relief, freedom, and celebration! And that's all true and you have so much wisdom to share. But are you informed and prepared for what may come next - vaginal atrophy, painful intercourse, prolapsed organs, post menopausal bleeding - and ready to prevent or minimize the risks or get support. Many women in their 60's and 70's say to me, "Oh, I'm done with all of that business." But are you?

  • IN Peri-Menopause

    Peri means "around" and the fires of this season can last from 2 to 12 or even more years. Some women can start having hot flashes/night sweats in their late 30's or early 40's and others see them lasting well into their 70's. Other physical indicators could be changes in your menstrual cycle like heavy bleeding or missed periods, vaginal dryness, body odor, a resurgence of PMS discomforts, and pure exhaustion. You may also experience anxiety, mood swings, or depression. Foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating, or lack of motivation may be affecting your mental health. Or perhaps you're experiencing a spiritual crisis or awakening of heightened intuition, creativity or thoughts of your mortality.

  • Just Wondering

    You could be menopause curious if you're just on the cusp of "the change" and are noticing shifts in your body and wondering if this is it, OR you could be intrigued if you didn't have a natural unfolding of your journey (an abrupt or medical menopause) and felt robbed or left out of this rite of passage for every woman. I believe it's never too early or too late to learn about what to expect or to heal a part of your menstrual experience or life cycle. No matter your age, you can learn and be a part of creating a new legacy for the next generation!

Another circle sister says...

“I'm very grateful to have taken the in-person version of Inspired Menopause multiple times. I've received guidance and tools from you to utilize during the most difficult aspects of this transition when simply existing was hard and not comfortable at all!”

Returning Inspired Menopause Sister

Natalie T.

Inspired Menopause Program Options

I feel passionate about breaking the silence around menopause. Now, more than ever, midlife women want to lean into supportive, loving communities. They want to heal their relationships with themselves and their menstrual cycles. And women going through menopause want to feel like they’re not alone. They want to lean into and have open conversations around this often overlooked and undervalued time of life, which secretly pulses with power, potential, and possibility. Join us and choose from the following two packages:

OPTION 1 ~ Inspired Menopause Essentials Package includes

  • Eight LIVE, 90-minute Women’s Circles

  • Unlimited Access to circle material in Thinkific including recordings, Quick Reference Guides, PDF Handouts, and mini practice videos

  • Menopause Resource List & Recommended Reading Guides

  • Bonus video of Feminine Comfort Kit

  • Bonus audio of the Moon Salutation

  • PLUS... two 50-minute private, personalized Sacred Self Care Sessions with Cindi (on zoom or with in-person option if local)

OPTION 2 ~ Inspired Menopause Revelations Package including

Take your Inspired Menopause to the Next Level with...

  • ALL OF THE ABOVE in the Essentials Package

  • PLUS... four Additional 50-minute Sacred Self Care Sessions for a total of 6 sessions over three months

And for even more Inspiration, check out these incredible Bonuses

Included with your Registration

  • Vibrant Woman Retreat

    Join Cindi and the rest of the Vibrant Woman Inner Circle for a half-day celebration of the Divine Feminine. Renew your light and goddess energy by connecting with yourself, your yoga sister, and Spirit. Value $250

Enjoy these Determined Woman Bonuses with your Investment

  • Act Decisively

    Sign up within 3 days of attending or watching the preview circle, NOT Your Mother's Menopause, and enjoy **An Align with your Animal Ally Oracle Party** Find the Animal Spirit that will guide you through the wilderness of menopause with more grace and ease! (value $49)

  • Confidently Commit

    Choose the one-time payment and receive a signed copy of Cindi’s co-authored book **Awakening the Divine Feminine** Read and share her story, The Power of Rest: Healing Magic for Midlife & Menopause, plus 17 other empowering chapters of healing and inspiration! (value $25)

One more Inspired MidLife Story...

“Meet Michelle, a student since 2007. A few short years ago, she was stretched between caring for her aging parents and energetic grandchildren.  A year before her anticipated retirement, she made the sudden decision to leave her career in the wake of her parents’ medical crises.  Life clearly was not unfolding as planned. Yet, through the uncertainty and turmoil, Michelle credits yoga and the work we did together for transforming her fears into hopes and growing her skills to reimagine a whole new way of living. Today, Michelle feels renewed, empowered, and grateful. ”

Vibrant Woman Inner Circle Member

Michelle "Mitzi" Anderson

Cindi Buenzli Gertz


Cindi Buenzli Gertz helps women awaken the divine feminine within themselves so they can move through midlife and transition to menopause with more peace, clarity, grace, and vibrancy. A Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Relax & Renew Trainer, she shows women how to rest deeply and breakthrough the habits of pushing, pleasing, and perfecting, a struggle she overcame in her own life. In her women’s circles, classes, and events, she also draws on her passions for the Earth, holistic living, dream insight, and the arts - powerful aides in her own healing journey – to design transformational experiences. As creator of the Vibrant Woman Program, Cindi inspires her midlife sisters to design their own joyful journey, come alive again, and thrive with abundance. 

Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Women's MidLife Peace Mentor, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer, and Co-Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, & Empowerment

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Conscious Living Arts & the Vibrant Woman Program commit to paying it forward. Women and girls around the globe suffer from an inadequate supply of feminine essentials like bras, undies, and menstrual hygiene products. We commit to donating 20% of all profits collected from this program to I Support the Girls.