Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Creating an Inspired and Empowered Approach to Menopause

    • Assignment: for women who are in peri-menopause now

    • Assignment: for women wondering if they're in peri-menopause

    • Assignment: for women who are post-menopausal

    • Breaking the Silence around Menopause

    • Busting the Myth of "You're too Young to be in Menopause"

    • Celebrating the Crone as the Wise Way-Shower

  2. 02
    • The Four Keys to an Inspired Menopause

    • Vibrant Woman Awakening Assessment: Review Your Own Journey

  3. 03
    • COMING MARCH 8, 2021: NOT Your Mother's Menopause Preview Circle

    • NOT Your Mother's Menopause Circle Recording

    • The Impact of Restorative Yoga & Rest

    • Wrapping Up & What's Next?