NOT Your Mother's Menopause is for ALL women who are curious about "the change" whether you are. . .

  • Post-Menopausal

    Menopause becomes official after going 12 consecutive months without bleeding or having a period. For many post-menopausal women this signals the end ~ relief, freedom, and celebration! And that's all true and you have so much wisdom to share. But are you informed and prepared for what may come next - vaginal atrophy, painful intercourse, prolapsed organs, post menopausal bleeding - and ready to prevent or minimize the risks or get support. Many women in their 60's and 70's say to me, "Oh, I'm done with all of that business." But are you?

  • IN Peri-menopause

    Peri means "around" and the fires of this season can last from 2 to 12 or even more years. Some women can start having hot flashes/night sweats in their late 30's or early 40's and others see them lasting well into their 70's. Other physical indicators could be changes in your menstrual cycle like heavy bleeding or missed periods, vaginal dryness, body odor, a resurgence of PMS discomforts, and pure exhaustion. You may also experience anxiety, mood swings, or depression. Foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating, or lack of motivation may be affecting your mental health. Or perhaps you're experiencing a spiritual crisis or awakening of heightened intuition, creativity or thoughts of your mortality.

  • Just Wondering

    You could be menopause curious if you're just on the cusp of "the change" and are noticing shifts in your body and wondering if this is it, OR you could be intrigued if you didn't have a natural unfolding of your journey (an abrupt or medical menopause) and felt robbed or left out of this rite of passage for every woman. I believe it's never too early or too late to learn about what to expect or to heal a part of your menstrual experience or life cycle. No matter your age, you can learn and be a part of creating a new legacy for the next generation!

What other women say about learning with Cindi Buenzli Gertz, your MidLife MidWife:

“I learned to listen to my body and intuition. It's the greatest gift I can give to myself, my family, and my friends!”

Tammy Jo T. ~ Wisconsin

“I can imagine a whole new way of living. I felt renewed, empowered, and grateful!”

Mitzi A. ~ Arizona

“Never have I been so relaxed in my life. Thank you for the circle – it’s helped me immensely to do this for myself!”

Kristie G. ~ Michigan

“Now, I make space and time for myself. I'm more intentional about meditation and yoga practice, and then I’m more centered and ready to give back!”

Carrie H. ~ North Carolina

“I loved the breathing, restorative yoga poses, and relaxation practices. I felt a sense of calm and a blossoming sense of confidence!”

Hyla H. ~ Ohio

“The greatest, most powerful transformation was shifting into a new thought pattern ~ there is enough time in the day to enjoy each moment fully!”

Tam M. ~ Tennessee

FREE: February 22 through March 22, 2022. Recordings available for $45 after 3/22/22.

This 3-part introduction to Inspired Menopause ONLY comes around LIVE ONCE a year! Each week, a recording and either a short, easy assignment or article will be released. Weeks one and two will be pre-recorded and part three, in honor of International Women's Day, will be a LIVE, 90-minute zoom with your guide and Midlife Midwife, Cindi.

  • 2/22 PART ONE: Why An Empowered Approach to Menopause

  • 3/1 PART TWO: 4 Keys to an Inspired Menopause

  • 3/8 PART THREE: NOT your Mother's Menopause LIVE Circle

Meet Your MidLife MidWife

Cindi Buenzli Gertz helps women awaken the divine feminine within themselves so they can move through midlife and transition to menopause with more peace, clarity, grace, and vibrancy. A Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Relax & Renew Trainer, she shows women how to rest deeply and breakthrough the habits of pushing, pleasing, and perfecting, a struggle she overcame in her own life. In her women’s circles, classes, and events, she also draws on her passions for the Earth, holistic living, dream insight, and the arts - powerful aides in her own healing journey – to design transformational experiences. As creator of the Vibrant Woman Program, Cindi inspires her midlife sisters to design their own joyful journey, come alive again, and thrive with abundance. 

Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Women's MidLife Peace Mentor, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer, and Co-Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, & Empowerment

NOT Your Mother's Menopause

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