Join us for a whole delicious day where you can just let go.

You are a midlife woman living in complex times. While managing the intricacies of multiple roles and challenging responsibilities, you may also be experiencing peri-menopause or post-menopause discomforts. While midlife may be a difficult season for any woman, YOU CAN awaken inner wisdom, potential, and possibility. Restore your spirit in the Vibrant Woman Awakening Retreat. . .


    Find comfort, refreshment, and silence when you connect with your body, breath, and heart.


    Calm your mind. Discover your inner light, clarity, wisdom, and voice.


    Let go of muscular, emotional, and mental tension to feel more peace, ease, and freedom.


    Feel the acceptance, compassion, and authenticity within a community of fully present, open-hearted, positively-focused women.


    Shift gears and view points and come away from the retreat feeling refreshed and renewed ~ physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Vibrant Voices

“When I returned to working with Cindi, I was stretched between caring for my aging parents and energetic grandchildren.   A year before my anticipated retirement, I made the sudden decision to leave my career in the wake of my parents’ medical crises.   Life clearly was not unfolding as planned. Yet, through the uncertainty and turmoil, I credit yoga and the work we did together for transforming my fears into hopes and growing my skills to reimagine a whole new way of living. Today, I feel renewed, empowered, and grateful! ”

Michelle "Mitzi" Anderson ~ Green Valley, AZ

In this luscious, day-long retreat, you'll have many opportunities to:

  • Be lead through a series of supportive, nourishing, and tranquil restorative yoga poses and practices that will deeply renew your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Enjoy periods of peaceful meditation where you'll experience guided time for inner connection, reflection, and insight.

  • Experience freedom in your body through gentle movement, breathing practices, and passive release of muscular tension.

  • Empower yourself through guided activities like journaling, creative expression, sharing circles and other possible delights.

  • Bear witness and be seen when you make and renew connections with fellow midlife women who appreciate and relate to you and each other.


And for even more simplicity and solace, learn this special, vibrant woman, signature tool. . .

Sink into nourishing support and experience more space, time, ease, and energy in your restorative yoga practice and in your life.

Your Investment for this Delightful Day =

The FULL Value of this retreat, including the bonus bundle, would normally be $300.

  • $145.00

    and includes immediate access to the retreat, plus audio and video to help you prepare for your personal day of discovery, handouts, quick-reference guides, and access to discussion groups.

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Vibrant Woman Awakening Retreat ~ Bonus Bundle

If you're not currently an inner circle member, your retreat registration includes this

  • Vibrant Woman Discovery Session

    Enjoy this 15-20 minute session the week before the retreat. Reconnect with or get to know your host and guide, Cindi Buenzli Gertz. Share what you'd like to receive from the retreat and what strengths you have to offer. Set your intention for the day!

  • Vibrant Woman Connection Group

    Enjoy exclusive membership in the Thinkific community for women who've attended an event or taken a program with Cindi. A platform with less noise and negativity, stay in touch with each other during and after courses, circles, retreats, and other events for a lasting connection.

  • Vibrant Woman Next Steps Session

    Gather all of the goodness and momentum from your retreat experience in this 30-minute session. Set yourself up for success going forward with Cindi's guidance and recommendations based on 20 years of experience in sacred self-care!

Thoughts about women being in circle together:

  • "We're stronger together." Carrie Hoefferle ~ Monroe, NC

  • "It gave me energy, calming energy."  Cindy Hardina ~ Amery, WI

  • "You are all much needed in my life." Kristie Koski Gonzales ~ Mass City, MI

  • "I feel so connected." Becky Johnson-Whitten ~ Amery, WI

  • "You are my Soul Sisters now.”  Jennifer Swenson ~ Phoenix, AZ

  • I'm going into the week better prepared. I'm ready.”  Tammy Jo Turcotte ~ Amery, WI

Cindi Buenzli Gertz


Cindi Buenzli Gertz helps women awaken the divine feminine within themselves so they can move through midlife and transition to menopause with more peace, clarity, grace, and vibrancy. A Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Relax & Renew Trainer, she shows women how to rest deeply and breakthrough the habits of pushing, pleasing, and perfecting, a struggle she overcame in her own life. In her women’s circles, classes, and events, she also draws on her passions for the Earth, holistic living, dream insight, and the arts - powerful aides in her own healing journey – to design transformational experiences. As creator of the Vibrant Woman Program, Cindi inspires her midlife sisters to design their own joyful journey, come alive again, and thrive with abundance. 

Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Women's MidLife Peace Mentor, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer, and Co-Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, & Empowerment

The LIVE version of the retreat will return on 11/20/22!

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Here's a Sneak Peek of the Course. . .

  1. 01
    • A Short Message from Cindi ~ your MidLife Midwife

    • Let Me Know (4 simple, quick-to-answer Qs to help design the day or my next retreat)

    • NEXT STEPS IF you're new to one of my retreats or returning after an absence from the Vibrant Woman Circle. . .

    • EQUIPMENT: gather and order any props you'll need now

  2. 02
    • Welcome to the Vibrant Woman Circle ~ what you can expect

    • Preparing your Space & Heart for our Day Together

  3. 03
    • Simplicity Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Simplicity Module Recording (Speaker with Shared Screen)

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Constructive Resting Pose

    • JOURNALING PROMPTS: Introduce Yourself

  4. 04
    • Rest Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Rest Module Recording (Speaker View with Shared Screen)

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Save Time with One Set-Up

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Supported Reclining Pose

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Supported Bound Angle (and variations)

    • JOURNALING PROMPTS: A letter to Divine Mother Appreciating You

  5. 05
    • Release Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Release Module Recording (Speaker View with Shared Screen)

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Supported Child Pose

  6. 06
    • Reflection Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Reflection Module Recording (Speaker View with Shared Screen)

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: The Moon Salutation

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Forward Bends, Side Opening, and Twists

    • JOURNALING PROMPTS: A letter from Divine Mother Showing you Your Innate Path to Joy

  7. 07
    • Connection Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Connection Module Recording (Speaker View with Shared Screen)

  8. 08
    • Solace Module Recording (Gallery View)

    • Solace Module Recording (Speaker View with Shared Screen)

    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: Legs Elevated Pose

  9. 09
    • QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: All 7 Poses Using the Save Time with One Set-Up

    • Poems from the Retreat

    • Anandamayi Ma Retreat Playlist

  10. 10
    • A Final Personal Note from Cindi

    • Vibrant Woman Sampler Package