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A Femifesto is born out of a woman’s body, the sacred vessel that holds and communicates her inner wisdom. All your answers lay in wait ~ inside ~ ready to be birthed, to be channeled into your own unique creation and expression of who you are. Creating a Femifesto is about nourishing an inner feeling of abundance, whether that be strength, peace, grace, patience, joy, radiance, vibrancy or whatever you desire. I ask you again...what is it that your heart really wants?

Praise from past Femifesto Creators!

“It's going to be a wonderful year! So thankful for all of the support! ”

2019 & 2020

LouAnn Cordes

“I really appreciated how naturally the Femifesto flowed and how organized it was. 2020 here I come!!! I now have more energy and purpose to create change. Thank you Cindi!!!”


Kim Gearin

“It was AHMAZING!! What a great start to the new year. Thank you so much! ”

2019 & 2020

Tammy Jo Turcotte

Be led in breathing, visualization, journaling, and restorative practices to help you…

Guided by the Divine Feminine presence who embodies abundance, beauty, and the skills of success – both worldly and spiritually – you have everything you need – inner and outer – to create a beautiful life. You already have the power to create what you desire! This masterclass will help you unlock it.

  • Create a clear, positive, empowered intention

  • Imagine your heart’s desire with all your senses

  • Fire up your creative juices to inspire goals and action steps

  • Open your heart and discover your team

  • Tap into the pleasures and rewards that support success

  • Solidify your commitment to creating what you really want!

Putting Life in Order with a Plan!

“Since my Femifesto, I've accomplished alot, and I feel really good about having a plan. I'm grateful I could put my year in order instead of a jumbled up “when I get to It” kind of thing. Thank you for all of the guidance and teaching!" ”


LuAnn Sprester

Midlife and the transition to menopause may be the biggest wake-up call you’ll ever receive around what you really want. What you create and do during midlife sets the stage for the rest of your time on this planet. This potent life passage only comes around once. In our sisterhood, an exchange of reflections will help you…


    Deepen your inner awareness and connection with yourself through practice. Share and form a bond with other women who want to create lasting change too.


    Get clear on your intention, goals, and action steps. Imagine your desire becoming reality with every sense. Identify the pleasures that will keep you engaged and the rewards that will celebrate success.


    Stay accountable to your desires and dreams by learning the tricks and treats that will help you keep your promises to yourself from now on!

Put Plans to Paper and Presto, you have a Femifesto!

“Thank you so VERY much for your time & wisdom! Feels so good to get those thoughts floating around in my mind...written down with action plans & accountability! ”

2019, 2020, & 2021

Cindy Peck-Hardina

Are you ready to join the FemiFestival?

THIS MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU IF... you're tired of just dreaming and ready to FEMIFEST! (Think manifestation with the easy grace of a vibrant woman!) You want to bring your desires to reality in a way that feels easeful and doesn't use up the little energy you have. THIS MASTERCLASS IS NOT FOR YOU're satisfied with day dreams or if the only way you're interested in making things happen is through pushing, pleasing, or perfecting.


  • Where and when will this masterclass take place?

    MAY 15, 2022: We'll meet in my virtual Zoom Room (links will be sent in an email once you sign up). The masterclass will be held from 10am - 2pm PDT/12-4pm CDT/1-5pm EDT.

  • What will I need for the masterclass?

    You will need equipment for a restorative yoga practice and gentle movement. As soon as you register, you'll have access to a list of props you'll need and a link where you can order any you need. When I'm guiding a pose, I also offer alternatives you might have on hand around your home.

  • What if I can't make it live to the masterclass?

    You'll gain the most benefit from attending live, in-person on zoom. However, if that's not possible, the event will be recorded in 3-4 modules that you can digest at your own pace. All materials will be downloadable, and you'll have online access to the replays for one month after the event.

Your Early Bird Investment =

The FULL Value of this retreat, including the bonus bundle, would normally be $195.

  • $45.00

    and includes immediate access to the retreat, plus audio and video to help you prepare for your personal day of discovery, handouts, quick-reference guides, and access to discussion groups.

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FemiFestival Bonus Bundle included with your Registration

If you're not currently an inner circle member, your retreat registration includes this

  • Vibrant Woman Discovery Session

    Enjoy this 15-20 minute session the week before the masterclass. Reconnect with or get to know your host and guide, Cindi Buenzli Gertz. Share what you'd like to receive from the day and clarify your power word and purpose!

  • Vibrant Woman Connection Group

    Enjoy exclusive membership in the Thinkific community for women who've attended an event or taken a program with Cindi. A platform with focus and without the noise and negativity, stay in touch during and after the event for a lasting connection.

  • Vibrant Woman Next Steps Session

    Gather all of the goodness and momentum from your retreat experience in this 30-minute session. Set yourself up for success going forward with Cindi's guidance and recommendations based on 20 years of experience in sacred self-care!

Meet Your MidLife Midwife

Cindi Buenzli Gertz helps women awaken the divine feminine within themselves so they can move through midlife and transition to menopause with more peace, clarity, grace, and vibrancy. A Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Relax & Renew Trainer, she shows women how to rest deeply and breakthrough the habits of pushing, pleasing, and perfecting, a struggle she overcame in her own life. In her women’s circles, classes, and events, she also draws on her passions for the Earth, holistic living, dream insight, and the arts - powerful aides in her own healing journey – to design transformational experiences. As creator of the Vibrant Woman Program, Cindi inspires her midlife sisters to design their own joyful journey, come alive again, and thrive with abundance. 

Cindi Buenzli Gertz

Women's MidLife Peace Mentor, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer, and Co-Author of Awakening the Divine Feminine: 18 Stories of Healing, Inspiration, & Empowerment

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